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360˚ Campaign Distribution 
Distribute campaigns in a few clicks across all channels. 

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Marketing Calendar
Plan your campaigns with ease and keep everyone in sync.

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From InDesign to dynamic template in minutes.
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Local Marketing Examples
15 examples of brands with great local marketing campaigns.
ROI Branded Templates
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Local Marketing Guide
Everything you need to know about local marketing.
Franchise Marketing 101
Answering every question you have about franchise marketing. 
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Check out the latest trends in local marketing.
Brand Localization
A short guide to Brand Localization

Branded Templates

Let non-creatives make on-brand marketing materials in minutes

Used by the world's leading brands

Features Branded Templates

global-icon LOCALIZATION Multi-language, themes, and styles per region or group.
lock-icon LOCK ELEMENTS Lock specific design elements on the template to avoid content that doesn't follow brand guidelines.
upload-icon DNA

Import data per store and preload this information into the templates.

approve-icon APPROVAL FLOWS If wanted, you can determine approvers for each template to check the result before publishing or printing. 

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Visual Editor

Real-time edit and preview your marketing materials with our InDesign Based editor. Design for non-designers without worrying the content created is brand consistent.

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DNA allows you to auto-import local data, such as images, text, prices, store hours, and addresses, into templates to create content for local campaigns without hassle. This helps partners create personalized, relevant customer experiences with a local feel rather than a national broadcast. 

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Content Distribution

Spread the content created quickly and easily across channels in just a few clicks. We support various online and offline channels such as out of home, social, digital ads, newspaper advertisements, and door-to-door leaflet distribution. 

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Integrate Social

Making on-brand social media posts has never been easier. Create your social posts and publish directly, or schedule on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter timelines.

Happy Marvia users in over 90 countries

"Marvia has ensured that the employees within Huis73 can independently create posters and flyers. As a result, there is less pressure on the Communication & Marketing department, and we no longer have to outsource design requests to, for example, a DTP employee."
Lieke Marketing & Communications Specialist - Huis73

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