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New admin (Beta)

Get ready for a fresh new adminDashboard-overview

Marvia's admin is currently undergoing a big redesign. The new admin enables administrators to organize and maintain their brand portals a lot better and faster. 

The new admin includes: 

  • A fresh new design
  • Better usability
  • A new dashboard
  • New and optimized features

All current modules will become available one by one in the new admin. Most of the modules and features remain the same but are redesigned to be even more user-friendly. All modules will first be released in beta, this means our development team is still testing and making improvements. 

To enter the new admin, simply click on "Try new admin " at the top of every page.

Parts of the software are already accessible, which means you can use the new admin already. Below, you find an overview of which modules are ready to use and which are coming soon

Classic Admin

The classic admin remains available as long as the new admin is in beta. This means both the classic and the new admin can be used. Switching between admins is no problem. Settings that are changed in the new admin, will be visible in the classic admin and vice versa. 

What is Beta?

In order to test the usability of the new admin properly, and to determine if it meets our customer's wishes, we're now launching the admin (modules) in beta first. This means this is an early version of the new admin. The goal of the beta is to collect user feedback and uncover bugs or issues before the official release. 

Let us know what you think

The beta phase gives you the opportunity to be the first to test the new admin and share your thoughts and wishes. You can leave your feedback on the review form that will pop up in the lower right corner of the admin


If you have any questions, please consult the knowledge base or contact support@getmarvia.com. Check out our changelog to stay informed about new (admin) features and (bug)fixes. 

New admin - Ready

Updated August 24th



Available: orders, downloads, posts, views, best products, user activity, campaigns, media gallery, and templates. 


Notifications are available.


Reservations are available.

Tier Prices

Tier Prices are available.

Stock Manager

Stock Manager is available.

Media: Duplicates

Duplicates are now available. Other functionalities will be added later.

Accounts: Users, Groups

Users and Groups are available. Branches will be added later. Update: Actions to impersonate a user and send a welcome mail are added.


Update: Navigation is now available.

Marketing calendar


Marketing calendar is available, and internal linking to relevant content has been added.



Suppliers are available.



General, Products, Campaigns, Checkout, E-mails, API, SSO, and Translations settings are available.



Blog overview is now available. Other functionalities will be added later.



Workflows settings overview is now available. Other functionalities will be added later.



Packages overview and details are now available. Other functionalities will be added later.



Pages overview is now available. Other functionalities will be added later.



Products overview and export are now available. Other functionalities will be added later.

New admin - Coming soon

If modules are not listed below, this means the release date is not yet known.