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Having separate social media accounts for your different branches is a key factor in your local marketing strategy if your company has multiple locations. Let your local partners be in charge of their local social media accounts to engage with their customers.

Marvia's Social Media Management feature offers integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By connecting your local social channels to your brand portal, your branches have the ability to share posts directly from the portal to their local channels. Offer them ready-to-use social posts or let them create their own on-brand, localized content by using templates. The portal is connected to the specific social account of each branch. With one click, your users can post beautiful content.

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audience-icon TOP OF MIND

Increase brand awareness and engagement on a local level

product-icon PROMOTE Promote national or local campaigns instantly and respond directly to current events
leadership-icon EMPOWER Empower local partners to create and share content on their own social media accounts
efficiency-icon RELIEVE HQ

Unburden the central marketing departement


  • Increase brand visibility by having local ambassadors create on-brand social posts and share them in their local network
  • Let users link their business account once, and place posts on the timeline with the push of a button
  • Book posts directly, or schedule them for the future
  • Let users create social posts within brand identity based on templates (image and video)
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