Meet the Marvians

The Marvians ensure that you can easily create, manage and order local store marketing material in your own branded portal. Thanks to this Marvia brand management platform, over 50.000 marketers, franchisers and communication professionals can work more efficient. The use of Marvia ensures that the house style rules are easily applied and adhered to, which benefits the brand consistency and brand experience.

What we stand for

At Marvia, user friendliness is paramount. Everyone in your organisation must be able to make marketing materials that automatically meet the requirements stated in the corporate identity manual. Our toolbox works intuitively thanks to pre-created templates but offers enough room for adjustments on a local level.

Marvians continuously focus on expanding their knowledge to make sure that we can always offer an innovative solution that meets your needs and requirements. Focus on development is embedded in our DNA. This enables us to build long-term relationships with our customers.

Way of working

At Marvia we work according to the Agile sprint method with two week sprints. Customers are closely involved in the building process and can, if necessary, request adjustments during this process. We build in small and clear steps. Of course, every delivery is extensively discussed with our customers, after which points for improvement are picked up in the following sprints. As a result, we know we always deliver the best working solution.


Marvia is an open and accessible organization, the Marvians have a no-nonsense character. These characteristics make an approachable team with unique people: the Marvians!

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