A tailormade environment

Door-to-door distribution for local awareness

Letting franchisers have their door-to-door distributions booked and sent directly to the spreaders Spotta, PostNL or Axender. Marvia’s door-to-door module makes it possible with insight into the costs.

Door-to-door, an effective medium

Distributing door-to-door flyers is a useful and relatively inexpensive way to generate more (local) brand recognition and sales in a short period. With a separate or addressed distribution, the attention value is maximal and can targeting take place on a very specific level by looking at which locations your target group is located.

How does the module work?

Branch managers can register a door-to-door distribution themselves using the door-to-door module. The employee chooses for himself which areas receive the folders on the spread card by just clicking on the desired places or districts. The number of households reached is also shown here. The order is sent directly to the distributor, and the cost of the shipment is taken via an (internal) settlement of the marketing budget.

Read the Plaza Food for All case to learn more about our door-to-door module in practice.