1 April 2018

Meeùs ensures a clean corporate identity

Meeùs is the only intermediary in the Netherlands that specialises in insurance, pensions, mortgages and banking. With approximately 72,000 business and 300,000 private customers, Meeùs is one of the top 3 insurance advisers in the Netherlands. Employees know their region through and through and adapt their advice to the situation of the customer.

Client request

Meeús has a strong local presence in the Netherlands and works with many employees who operate in a decentralised manner. Thanks to this approach, they are close to the customer and can respond well to their wishes and needs. To get a better grip on the layout of brochures, business cards, flyers (corporate identity monitoring) and to gain insight into the order flows of articles, Meeùs wants a brand portal. In this portal, employees must be able to create documents, consult images and order articles.

How Marvia's modules help

The internal webshop module ensures an unambiguous ordering process with a grip on the assortment and results in a cost reduction without loss of quality. With the help of the brand portal, business cards and other printed matter can be made up, ordered and approved in the same environment. The DAM module ensures that the essential company files are easy to share.

"Thanks to the brand portal, our operational purchasers save a lot of time by placing orders centrally.We can switch faster between our suppliers. By offering various modules that integrate seamlessly with each other, we now have a tailor-made central environment for all our facilities. articles."

Rene Zijlmans, facility manager at Meeùs

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  1 April 2018       By Merlijn Bruijnes

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