Door-to-Door Leaflet Distribution

Increase local brand awareness 

Local leaflet distribution without hassle

Distributing door-to-door leaflets is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to generate more local brand recognition and sales in a short period. With local leaflet distribution, you can increase the attention value even further. Local distribution allows you to target specific residential households and to localize your content.

The downside of running local campaigns is that it substantially increases the workload for marketing at headquarters. That's why Marvia lets local partners, such as stores, resellers, and dealers, directly book door-to-door campaigns. 

How does it work?

When local partners are ordering a campaign, they can select door-to-door leaflet distribution as one of the channels. The partner can choose the distributor, distribution week, and select which areas will receive the leaflet by clicking on the districts on a map. The number of reached households and costs are directly visible. After confirmation, the order is directly sent to the selected distributor. If desired, the costs can be directly deducted from the (local) marketing budget. 


  • Increase local brand awareness and build your market share
  • Relieve HQ and reduce administration 
  • Localize content in minutes without an (external) designer
  • Activate your partners with local marketing
Door to Door distribution Marvia

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Door to Door leaflet distribution


  • Let entrepreneurs plan zip codes and weeks in an interactive map
  • Only show their own distribution area so that they can't spread in someone else's area
  • If necessary, have the costs settled directly with the marketing budget
  • Export automatically to the printer and distributor.

Marvia mainly offers us time savings and efficiency. There was much work in our local store marketing, and this has become a lot less with Marvia.

Caitlin Campaign Manager, New York Pizza

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At Marvia, we help brands to activate their local marketing potential. We give brands tools that deliver measurable local marketing results with less time and effort. 

Door to door leaflet distribution is one of many cool features that help you distribute campaigns on a local level. Check out some of the other features that help you get the most out of local marketing. 

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