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Brand consistency and growth in Africa


Vlisco has been designing and manufacturing characteristic fabrics, which are popular among African women, since 1846. The iconic Dutch textile company is known for its colourful batik fabrics which are produced in Helmond. For over 170 years, Vlisco has created more than 350,000 original textile designs. Many of these designs have become cultural treasures, bestowed with special names and meanings by the merchants of Central and West Africa. The rich history forms the basis of the strong Vlisco brand which needs to be handled with care.



The largest market for Vlisco is the African market, especially the West-African region. The company rolls out collections centrally but uses different marketing campaigns per region. These centrally controlled campaigns have a regional character to overcome cultural differences. To preserve the carefully build brand name, brand consistency on all created materials is a must. 


  • An image bank in which all brand materials can be centralized, such as images of fabrics and looks.
  • A layout module (templates) where employees and Vlisco retailers can design their own materials without losing brand identity features;
  • An approval flow whereby the marketing department at the head office can always carry out a final check on the submitted documents.


With our Digital Asset Management solution, we created a place to store all brand elements. The image bank also offers the possibility to easily share or consult photos or logos. By using Branded Templates, local marketing material can be made that meet Vlisco’s brand identity. As a result, the various regions have the freedom to create a message that meets the needs of the local target group, without compromising the brand identity.

8 Countries
32 Users
1055 Assets
4188 Created materials

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