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Make on-brand marketing materials in minutes.
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Does running marketing campaigns take too much time and is the process error-prone?

Empower local teams to customise marketing for local use with branded templates.

Create on-brand materials like ads, videos, social imagery, and POS for all channels quickly with dynamic templates. No design skills or designer needed. Save money, time and resources by bringing the creation process in-house.

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Benefits Branded Templates

  • Create a high volume of localised content in minutes and speed to market
  • Ensure brand consistency across all channels and markets
  • Improve partner participation in marketing and advertising
  • Directly publish your content on all channels with 360º campaign distribution.
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Over 80.000 Marvia users worldwide and counting

"Marvia has ensured that the employees within Huis73 can independently create posters and flyers. As a result, there is less pressure on the Communication & Marketing department, and we no longer have to outsource design requests to, for example, a DTP employee."
Lieke Marketing & Communications specialist - Huis73

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Branded Templates Core Features

global-icon Localisation Multi-language, themes and styles per region or group. 
upload-icon DNA Import data per store and preload this information into the templates.  
scale-icon Advert creator Scale non-proportionally to the size of your newspaper, custom InDesign export profiles
approve-icon Approval Flows

Determine approvers for each template, ensuring everything stays on-brand.


Visual Editor

Real-time edit and preview your marketing materials with our InDesign Based editor. Design for non-designers.
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Integrate Social

Making on-brand social media posts has never been easier. Create your social posts and publish directly, or schedule on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter timelines.
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