Brand Guidelines

Secure and share your brand guidelines digitally

Losing Brand Value due to Inconsistent Branding?

With Marvia you have an interactive digital brand guideline where everyone can find the most up-to-date information about your brand. Refer directly from your guidelines to essential brand elements such as logos, fonts, and videos preventing the wrong font or outdated logo being used. 

See a measurable increase in brand consistency and enrich your brand's perception by using digital guidelines. 

Brand Guidelines Core Features

achievement-icon 100% On-Brand

Your guidelines should breathe your brand. Think custom fonts, headings, login screen and domain.

link-icon Content Referencing Connect your brand identity to assets and templates.
cloud-icon Always Accessible

Our cloud-based solution ensures that your guidelines can be consulted any time, anywhere. 

share-icon Sharing

Easily share with stakeholders to ensure company-wide consistency. 

Rosalinda van Bennekom
“Marvia offers a solution to develop local marketing expressions. Our users can easily and quickly create their materials, in line with our corporate identity. With the transition to a complete and future-proof brand portal, this will become even more effective and effective. We are, therefore looking forward to continuing our 10-year partnership."
Rosalinda Marketing & Communication - De Hypotheker

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Content Referencing

Boost efficiency by connecting your brand assets and templates to your digital brand guidelines. Users will be redirected to the corresponding assets when they are consulting specific parts of your brand identity guide.


Showcase Rich Content

Make brand guidelines that stick by making them visually attractive. Add images or video's and use your brand colours for a professional and appealing apperance.
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All-in-1 Brand Portal

Our digital Brand Guidelines is one of the brand solutions we offer. With Marvia you can build a marketing tool that is tailored to your organisation's specific needs. Activate your full brand's potential with our All-in-1 Brand Portal or pick separate solutions.

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