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Julie van Strien7.04.20223 min read

Release Notes Q1 2022: Analytics, Forms and new Local Marketing features

Release notes is Marvia’s quarterly update on all new product en features. This quarter is all about getting insights: improve content and budget decisions with Marvia’s Analytics and obtain user insights by creating surveys with our new Forms feature. 

Analytics 📊

At Marvia, we understand that data is the key to successful marketing. That’s why we have developed Analytics. With Analytics, marketers have access to all brand performance data. Using this solution, you can now get insights into the performance of all digital content and local marketing activities that are available in the brand portal. All downloads, views, template creations, and user activities are displayed in an easy-to-use dashboard. At a glance, you see what’s happening with your brand and portal. 

analytics-all (1)

With analytics on asset and user levels, we empower all marketers to improve their strategy based on data-driven insights. These insights will help in evaluating content, and making better content and budget decisions. It also gives you insights into which users or branches are (not) actively working with your brand, which makes it easier to evaluate users and activate them. Above all, With analytics, filtering information and generating reports are done in an instant. This allows you to make content and budget decisions faster. 


You’ve heard it right, no more data guessing but making decisions based on reliable data. If you want to know more, discover more about Analytics here.


Forms 📄

We have developed a new feature that allows admins to create custom forms. With the form builder, any survey can be created within the brand portal to gain user insights. These forms can be added to any page in the brand portal


  • Thank you page
  • Confirmation email
  • Start- and end dates and form-offline pages

So, for what can you use forms? Think of, for example, collecting user feedback or letting users sign up for marketing campaigns or events. You can also use it for marketing or design requests or as a user satisfaction survey. Anything is possible!


Local Marketing Automation updates📍

We released new features that make executing (local) marketing even easier:

Campaigns: Set marketing budgets

From now on it’s possible to determine a marketing budget for campaigns. Set one budget for all your users or determine a budget per branch. These budgets will give your users the right guidance when it comes to participating in marketing campaigns.

Campaings: Thumbnails

It's now possible to add thumbnails to a campaign package. This will make the campaign more clear and visually appealing to users. 

DNA: Prices per store

Users and admins can now set prices per store which can be automatically synchronized with the prices in, for example, templates. 

DAM updates 🗃️

Asset expiring notifications

It was already possible to set expiring dates for assets. Very useful when for example, an asset is connected to a (temporary) campaign with a certain duration. From now on, it’s also possible to set notifications for expiration dates. When an asset is approaching its expiration date, a notification will automatically be sent to users and admins.

Advanced filtering

We added the possibility to filter your assets based on (multiple) tags. This feature has an autocomplete function.


Template folders

You can now create folders with assets that can only be used in templates. These assets won't show up in the DAM. 

Asset overview

The amount of assets displayed in the image library is now adjustable, both on the front- as back-end. 


That's it for the release notes of this quarter. Make sure to check our Changelog regularly to stay updated about updates, new features, and bug fixes.


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