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Maarten Peters19.02.20213 min read

February Release Notes: Open Upload, DAM sharing and more

Our team has been working hard on a lot of cool new features in recent months; Open Upload, a Selligent integration, DAM file sharing, new SSO possibilities and much more. Read on for more details! 

✨ What's New 🚀


1. DAM: Open Upload

 We like to make things as easy as possible for our users. That is why we are introducing Open Upload: an addition to the DAM system where users and non-users of the Brand Portal can upload files without logging in. Handy if your users often supply content themselves, or for external parties without Brand Portal access who need to supply files, for example, photographers.

How does it work?

On the Brand Portal's login page, an area will appear where you can drag and drop or select the files you want to upload. The sender enters his or her e-mail address and optionally adds a message. The files are then automatically sent to the portal administrator (admin). This person will receive a request by e-mail and in the admin environment. The administrator can view the files and approve or reject them. When approved, the files can be immediately transported to the DAM. Easy for marketers: in this way, they no longer receive separate requests in their e-mail, and they can upload new files to the DAM with 1 click. Besides that, it eases end-users with or without access to the Brand Portal because they now have one place for file uploading.


2. New integration: Selligent Direct Mail

A nice new integration with Marketing Cloud Software Selligent to make users self-sufficient in e-mail marketing. The integration allows users to e-mail their customer database through Selligent's system. Using email templates, users can create personalized e-mails and send them to their (potential) customers while maintaining brand consistent.

3. DAM: Sharing files with colleagues

Would you like to share a photo, video or document? Sharing DAM files just got easier. We have added a share button, so the link to the file immediately copies to the clipboard. This way, users can easily and quickly share files from the DAM with colleagues. This feature is already available for all our DAM clients.

DAM sharing feature

4. Branded Templates: mirroring images

It was already possible for users to add photos to the templates. However, sometimes the picture doesn’t quite fit the template. That's why we added a mirroring option to our template manager. This feature is already available for every Brand Portal with the Branded Templates module, so go on and try it yourself!

5. New Single Sing-on option: OAuth

Marvia has expanded the Single Sign-On (SSO) options with OAuth. OAuth (Open Authorization) is an open standard for authorization. Users can use this to give a program or website access to their private data, which is stored on another website, without relinquishing their username and password. It was already possible to set up SSO with SAML (Security Assertion Mark-up Language), such as Google for Business and Microsoft Azure. SAML (Security Assertion Mark-up Language) is a standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between domains.

6. Branded Templates: Adding YouTube thumbnails

From now on it is possible to add a YouTube thumbnail of a YouTube video to the template. Useful if, for example, the template is intended to tell something about a particular YouTube video. How does it work? Of course, it was already possible to include editable surfaces in a template, so that users could upload photos themselves. Now, users can also choose for a YouTube thumbnail instead of a picture.

youtube thumbnail feature

Go try it out!

So much for the release notes of this quarter. We are very curious what you think of these features and would love to hear your feedback. If you want to learn more about the possibilities for your brand portal, make sure you contact your Customer Succes Manager or send an email to support@getmarvia.com.

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