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Nienke Zijsling11.10.20193 min read

Local Marketing: 5 Most Common Mistakes

Local marketing is of enormous importance for almost every business, but the use of local marketing is not as simple as thought. In this article, we tell you what the most common mistakes in local store marketing are and how you prevent them!

What is local marketing?

With local marketing, you focus specifically on a local or regional target group. You do this by matching various components in the marketing mix to local conditions such as competition, customer, and specific characteristics of your store or branch. By setting up a local marketing strategy, you can increase your visibility and build trust within your target group. Local marketing is usually used as an addition to national marketing initiatives but is sometimes also used independently.

The 5 most common mistakes

Are you going to work with local marketing or local store marketing (LSM)? We have listed the 5 most common mistakes for you to make sure you will be successful.

1. No sincere involvement

Local visibility goes beyond a flyer or discount coupons. Show your participation by sponsoring and attendance at local events that are relevant to your business. Even better talking to your potential customers: "if you want a friend, be a friend"! Not to actively promote your company, but to be part of the community. You may also collect valuable customer insights this way that ensure that you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

2. Lack of creativity

Joep already wrote about the lack of creativity in local marketing campaigns in his blog for the National Franchise Guide. Often the local expressions are almost identical to the national campaigns with just a mention of the place name or local store. It's a shame because in this way you do not use the proven effectiveness of local marketing.

Local entrepreneurs know best how to approach their local audiences and what is going on in the community. Use this knowledge by letting them think about the content of the local campaigns, or even better make them set up and carry out their local campaigns themselves! 

12 Examples of brands with great local marketing campaigns

3. Costs and benefits not in balance

We all know the expression time is money. This also applies to local store marketing: the more time you spend devising and setting up campaigns, the less time is left for your primary activities. Also, the costs of creating local content can be high if you have to use a valuable DTP-er who creates your advertisements. Make sure your costs and benefits are in balance by, for example, automating the organization and coordination of your local marketing.

4. No knowledge sharing

Successful local actions are not shared enough internally. While successes can also be interesting for the other entrepreneurs. Reinventing the wheel each time is not only difficult but also time-consuming (hello pitfall 3). Make sure that sharing best practices is as easy as possible, for example by setting up an internal communication platform.

5. Different look and feel than the corporate formula

A lack of creativity is disastrous for local marketing, but too much creativity is too! Local campaigns that do not comply with the brand identity rules of the corporate formula are damaging to your brand. While the strength of a franchise formula, or other forms of cooperation, is that you can benefit from a strong, well-known brand name. By using templates, you ensure that local entrepreneurs are given enough space to work creatively, and the head office keeps local marketing manageable.

Getting started with Local Marketing

Now that you are aware of the pitfalls of local marketing, it is time to get started.

Can you use some help? Contact us. We will gladly tell you how you can set up your local marketing effectively and how Marvia's local marketing software can help you.