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Nienke Zijsling16.02.20232 min read

How Franchise Brands Can Scale Content Production with Dynamic Templates

Franchise brands have a unique challenge when it comes to content production. Each franchisee has its own marketing needs, creative ideas, and customer expectations to fulfill. This can make the life of the central marketing team incredibly hectic, especially in the weeks leading up to a campaign. Franchise brands can struggle to keep up without a process or a method to simplify it. As a result, brand messaging can become fragmented, and presentation can become inconsistent.

This is when dynamic templates come to the rescue! 

What are dynamic templates? 

Dynamic (or branded) templates are pre-designed, customizable assets that can create consistent brand messaging across all franchise locations. They provide a framework that enables franchisees to create their own on-brand content adapted to local market conditions. Dynamic templates are an essential part of franchise marketing that helps streamline and scale content production.

In other words, dynamic templates bring calm and consistency to your content production process, even when creating a marketing campaign for multiple franchise locations

branded template example different versions

How dynamic templates benefit content production

Dynamic templates are a powerful tool for franchise brands looking to simplify content creation and maintain consistent brand messaging across franchise locations.

Here are 4 ways templates can benefit content production:

1. Reduce content creation time

Franchisees or local marketing teams can use existing templates to create content, reducing the time it takes to search for the correct formats, designs, colors, or fonts. They choose the correct template, create content, and distribute it as needed. Your teams will make significant headway in content production, so campaigns will go out earlier than expected. Yet, your brand identity will still be on point.

2. Adapt to local market conditions

Templates enable franchisees to create their own on-brand content adapted to local market conditions. This allows franchise locations to connect more effectively with their target audience, making it easier for them to build a loyal customer base.

3. Increase consistency

brand managementIt is vital to be consistent in your brand messaging and visual elements to build a strong, recognizable brand that is easily identified by customers. By providing a library of pre-approved templates, franchise brands can ensure that all franchise locations have the same brand appearance, even though messaging differs. The central marketing team determines how much freedom franchisees get by locking specific brand elements, such as fonts, images, or texts. 

4. Streamline the approval process

Templates simplify the approval process for franchisees' marketing materials. This can reduce the workload for brand headquarters' marketing teams and enable them to focus on strategic initiatives rather than spending time on approving individual franchisees' marketing materials.

Learn more about the ROI of dynamic templates


Tools to maximize the benefits of Dynamic Templates

branded templats browser-1Using franchise marketing software or a branded template platform can take the benefits of dynamic templates to the next level. These platforms not only allow franchisees to edit templates but also to distribute them via all online and offline channels, including social media, print, and narrowcasting.

Some platforms, like Marvia, also have DNA mechanisms that enable you to preload templates with individual outlet data like menus, opening hours, languages, or specific imagery. Another valuable feature is workflows that ease the approval process. Before publishing content, the central team can review new or edited templates to ensure they align with brand guidelines, like the tone of voice. 

Is your franchise facing slowdowns in content creation? Let Marvia show you how branded templates accelerate production while maintaining brand consistency. Schedule your demo now!

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