Marvia 15.04.2018 5 min read

Digital Asset Management; what is it, and why can companies no longer go without it?

Every self-serious company must have thought about their Asset Management strategy. Digital Asset Management is your stock system, brand identity guard, facility manager and courier all-in-one. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know. 

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management or DAM, is a way to store all important assets of your company online centrally and securely in such a way that others can easily find and use them. 

Why do companies focus on Digital Asset Management?

From SMEs to large corporations: your assets make your business. Everybody processes documents, whether it is emails, pictures from your digital camera or USB files. We try to apply a system by structuring a folder, defining filenames or following an agreed hierarchy to ensure that the assets can be retrieved correctly.

But if your files, maybe thousands of them, are essential to your organisation or have to be available for colleagues or customers at different locations, you need a system to organise them.

Why is a DAM system necessary for your company?

There are several reasons why a DAM system is essential for your company:

  1. People and laptops travel, but files must be available centrally;
  2. Your local folder structure may work perfectly for you, but if colleagues need a specific asset, chances are they can’t find or access it;
  3. Files stored on servers are difficult to access when people are on the move;
  4. Version management is messy, which results in the circulation of multiple versions of files.

What does DAM solve?

Digital Asset Management software makes all files available to the authorised user via your web browser. A cloud-based DAM solution offers the following benefits:

  1. Ability to tag files with metadata based on your specific usage;
  2. Prevents duplicate, confusing versions of the same logos;
  3. Plug and Play: everybody has access, and you don’t have to install any software;
  4. Your files are stored securely, whatever happens to you’re computer or server;
  5. Files are online with the rights attached to them so that the right people see the correct files;
  6. There is a search system connected to all your data so that finding the right file is a piece of cake;
  7. You can easily share assets with third parties via a temporary download link;
  8. Increase the control on and the consistency of your brand.

Need help with Asset Management?

Are you struggling with managing your brand's assets? DAM helps teams and departments to quickly find assets and maintain a consistent brand throughout every project or campaign. Contact one of our brand specialists to learn more about our Digital Asset Management software.