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Bram Schröder24.10.20231 min read

Release Notes Q3 2023: New Admin, DAM, Template Studio, and more

Welcome to Marvia release notes, where we bring you the most exciting updates and enhancements on our platform every quarter. Get ready for the amazing updates we have for the new Admin and Template Studio in this edition.



New Admin out of beta 🎉

After a period of transitioning our features from the classic version to the new admin, we are thrilled to announce that the new Admin is now officially out of Beta!

This exciting update brings a fresh new look and a range of enhancements. The menu has been revamped to align with changes in feature names and the overall structure of the admin, resulting in a more intuitive design. 

→ Read everything about our new admin here.

Marvia Dashboard


DAM 🖼️

One of the features that has been released in the new admin is our fully updated DAM. The first version is now available with more functionalities, such as meta-tag search, and is running better and faster than ever!


Template Studio 🎨

We've continued to work on improving our Template Studio. This quarter, our focus was on Media Variables. Images, such as user profile pictures and storefront pictures, can now be automatically added to templates from the DNA variables. 


Other updates 

  • Video tiles

You can now incorporate videos in the tiles menus to make your (home)page more captivating.

  • Creative Requests 

You can now add additional admins to a creative request. It makes handing over a request easy when multiple approvers or teams are involved.

  • Context menus

We've talked about our context menus before ("Simply right-click anywhere in a table to get a pop-up version of the "Actions" menu" - see the previous Release Notes). These context menus are now available in every table in the Admin. 

Context menu highlight


That’s it for the Release Notes of this quarter! Release Notes is a summary of the most significant changes that have been made to our platform in the last three months. Our triweekly Changelog is the place to stay informed about all new features, updates, and bug fixes. Sign up via this link

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