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Maarten Peters31.08.20214 min read

Release Notes August 2021: Local Newspaper Ads, Display Banners and more

This quarter has been about new (local) advertising possibilities and improving the Marvia platform, so working with our tools becomes even easier. In this Release Notes, you will find our new local newspaper advertisements, administrator rights, and some other cool new features and integrations. Go check it out! 

What's new? 🚀

Local Newspaper Ads

Besides out-of-home and door-to-door leaflet distribution, it’s now also possible to advertise in local newspapers. When using this module, you can link media suppliers and choose from a selection of local newspapers. These newspapers are linked to branches or locations. Users can choose an advertisement and customize it using templates. All newspaper options, like formats, are automatically synchronized. A very nice addition that makes local marketing even easier for your brand. 

This feature is currently only available in The Netherlands but will soon be available in other countries as well. 

krant-advertenties (2)

Display Banners

How cool would it be if users can plan their own display banners? From now on, this is possible within the Marvia platform. Increase the visibility of your brand by letting users plan their own display banners campaigns. This feature enables you to connect with various banner suppliers. Users can select the banner of their choice and choose the campaign's duration, the number of impressions, and the websites (types). The system will directly show the price.

This feature is currently only available in The Netherlands but will soon be available in other countries as well. 

New Workflow Features

Our workflows options have been expanded! Workflows allow it to add approval processes to assets, templates, or products, so users must first request approval from the administrator when creating content, ordering products, or downloading assets. 

From now on, it is possible to add multiple administrators to workflows to approve or disapprove the request. Besides, you can now add multiple user groups to the same workflow. 

Another nice new workflow feature is filtering. Now, requests can be filtered by status, so you can get a handy overview of requested, ordered, approved, or rejected requests.

Administrator Rights

Often several people are responsible for your brand and, therefore, several administrators are needed for a Brand Portal, especially at larger brands. However, not every admin has the same duties, rights, or responsibilities. That is why it is now possible to set rights and permissions per admin. 

Templates: Download InDesign file

Even though a template is perfectly designed, it can happen that small adjustments still need to be made. With this new InDesign feature, templates can be downloaded as InDesign files, allowing admins to make minor adjustments to the file after users have customized it. This speeds up the content creation process even more.


New Integrations


Great new integration with Dutch administration automation software AFAS. AFAS allows you to automate administration processes like orders and finance, saving you much time. If you use AFAS, you can use the integration to synchronize all orders placed in your Brand Portal. This way, you never have to process orders in AFAS again manually. 

AFAS software logo



From now on we also integrate with email marketing tool Maileon. Maileon offers a complete email marketing solution that enables businesses to set up automated email campaigns. By linking with Maileon, users within the Marvia platform can now create professional email campaigns themselves. Think of (local) discount promotions or birthday vouchers. Next to print, Out-of-Home and social media, users can now also add e-mail as a channel to the multichannel campaigns within the Marvia platform. This way, users become even more independent in executing out local marketing. Furthermore, Maileon's tool meets the requirements of the Dutch privacy law (AVG), so your customers' data is completely protected.


... and many other updates:

  • Track & Trace
    Suppliers can add a track & trace code to orders so users can easily track their orders.
  • Product Reservations
    All product reservations are now visible to admins in the “Reservations” overview in the admin. It’s also possible to export this overview.
  • Users
    The user overview in the admin has been renewed.
  • Tile menu
    It’s now possible to let menu items (tiles) open in a new tab.
  • Branches
    You can add geolocation details (longitude & latitude) to branches. This makes it easier to find branches on maps,  for example, when using the campaign distribution feature.

Go try it out!

So much for the release notes of this quarter. We are very curious about what you think of these features and would love to hear your feedback. If you want to learn more about the possibilities for your brand portal, make sure you contact your Customer Success Manager or send an email to support@getmarvia.com.

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