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franchise+ event 2019
Joep Donders22.11.20192 min read

Marvia on Local Marketing at Franchise+ Event 2019

The annual edition of the Franchise + Event, the dutch inspiration event for franchisers, took place on November 21. A day full of inspiring speakers who told the attendees everything about the developments and possibilities within franchise. Marvia was also present to discuss Local Marketing. We list the most important take-aways from our knowledge session for you.

How do you encourage franchisers to get started with local marketing?

Brands are becoming increasingly important, and the number of channels where your customer comes into contact with your brand has increased considerably. Local marketing has, therefore, become an increasingly complex issue. How do you use local marketing effectively as a franchise organization?

Unfortunately, there isn't one answer that works for every franchiser. Therefore, based on research and experience, Marvia developed a Maturity Model with which you as a franchiser can determine where you stand and what you can do to take your (local) marketing to the next level.

Local Marketing Maturity Model

The maturity model provides insight into the dimensions that influence the success of your organisation. The model helps you discover the current status of your local marketing and how you can improve it with the most significant impact on both franchisor and buyer.

local marketing maturity model marvia

To give a better understanding of the model, we have briefly explained the various dimensions:

  • Support: Make the life of your franchisees as easy as possible, because they are already busy enough with running their business. Ensure that they have access to guidance and training.
  • Program: Cover the entire breadth, care for variety and pay extra attention to digital and social media.
  • Content: Of course, your content must have a certain quality, but above all, it must be personal and (locally) relevant. Create messages that appeal to your local target group.
  • Administration: Outdated technology and complicated manuals harm involvement. Use simple tools so that your franchisees feel they can get started with your brand.
  • Involvement: Local marketing requires the involvement of both marketers and franchisees. Both parties will have to contribute to achieve good results.
  • Business focus: Ensure that all stakeholders understand and focus on ROI. Also, franchisees need to understand that franchisees invest in supporting their goals and that your investments multiply the ability to make an impact.

A step-by-step plan for Local Store Marketing Maturity

Research from BrandMuscle among 1,000 companies shows that there is a relationship between marketing maturity and business results. Companies with a high maturity show twice as much growth compared to companies with low maturity. Once you know what phase your local marketing is in, it's time to get started. What steps can you take to have even more impact at the local level? To help you on your way, we have made the step-by-step plan below.

lsm maturity step-by-step plan


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