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Maarten Peters7.08.20202 min read

Release Notes: new dashboard, DAM related items and DNA auto-order

We are continually working to improve your Marvia experience. Release Notes is our quarterly update that highlights recent product improvements we have made to easily stay up-to-date on what is new.

What's New 🚀

New admin dashboard

We improved the analytics functionality in our admin panel. Based on customer feedback, we developed a new dashboard. In the new dashboard, admins can get rich insights on checkouts, users, branches, and DAM usage. 

In the checkouts section, you will see, among other things, info on the number of checkouts, logins, downloads, orders, and placed social posts and detailed checkout statistics throughout the month. 

new admin dashboard marvia

The user and branch insights will tell you more about the usage of a specific user or branch. Think activity throughout the selected period and details on the type of actions they performed in the portal. 

DAM analytics will tell give you intel on both DAM usage as well as storage details. 

As usual for us, we continue to develop the dashboard. Please let us know if you have specific requests on the data you would like to see. 

DAM: related items 

A major benefit of using a DAM system is that your users have one spot to access an asset, and any information related to it. To expand the related content, we launched the possibility for admins to add related items to assets in the media library. 

DAM related items      DAM add related items

When users open an asset, the related items are shown below with a link to the corresponding asset. Related items can easily be added or removed in the admin panel. 

Improved campaign insights thanks to participation data

Monitoring performance metrics on tactics, campaigns, and partners is crucial to improve local marketing ROI. That is why we enhanced campaign insights so that you can take action to drive better results throughout your partner networks. This new feature allows you to see and export all branches that haven’t participated in a specific campaign yet. You can send a notification to stores who didn’t order to activate them to participate in the campaign.

DNA auto-order

Imagine you can run a campaign for all your branches in just a few clicks. With our new DNA auto-order feature, we make running (local) campaigns a piece of cake.

Clients that have enabled Branch DNA and linked DNA products can automatically order entire campaigns for all branches or order for branches that forgot to participate in a campaign. 

Because store specific details such as amount and type of POS, opening hours, and store details are know, the process is not error-prone. It also saves time, increases time to market, and ensures that you do not order wrong or unnecessary material.

... and much more!

  • The future is video 📹. Making localized video content will be a piece of cake with the recently announced video templates
  • We added a switch option to MyDocuments to determine which documents the user can see. They can choose between their own, all documents of the same group, or all documents. 
  • Our DAM now supports file preview for all types of files including video play and Microsoft Office documents.
  • Plus 156 more tweaks and fixes! 


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