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A better alternative for optimizing, producing, and managing point-of-sale marketing materials, with enhanced logistics and local customization capabilities - all on a user-friendly, centralized platform.

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Marvia vs Marq (formerly LucidPress)

A better alternative for customization, automation and collaboration needed to empower distributed teams and deliver consistent marketing

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Content management
Store and manage all your assets in one location.
Customizable templates
Easily create templates from Adobe InDesign designs yourself.

manual process
Social Media
Post local organic and ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram
Order marketing products, such as giveaways and event materials. Incl. payment processing, order rights, and inventory management.
Adapt to your workflow
Full control in customizing the layout, styling and structure, we'll adapt to your workflows.
Suitable for a variety of distributed marketing needs
Ideal for the complexity of managing tactical changes across multiple locations or partners, while remaining simple for users of any marketing skill level.
Plan and execute campaigns
Effective campaigns demand a comprehensive approach. Roll out consistent campaign materials and gain insights. 

only a survey tool
Marvia DNA
Use data from locations and more for an error-free and more efficient workflow.
Creative Requests
We help you bring structure into one-off requests, saving you time for strategic marketing.
Features that matter included
Based on customer feedback, Marvia offers exclusive features that help you succeed like our academy and marketing calendar.
Choose your own suppliers
Easily integrate your suppliers via API or other connection options. Streamlining your processess without vendor lock-in. 
Competitive pricing
Get more for your money.

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This is what our customers say about us

UriIT Manager - Steve Madden

"Marvia is a very pleasant partner to work with. Unlike companies that are selling features Marvia works with the customer on the process and the best ways support and facilitate is. Having the customer’s process as the leading factor means that the system must have flexibility to adjust, which is definitely the case with Marvia. As a customer I know that I can count on Marvia!"

AliceBrand Coordinator - KidStrong

"The Marvia support team excels in their dedication. They consistently work hard to ensure positive experiences for both our company and our franchisees. Marvia is continually improving its product, and I've seen impactful updates and features that enhance the user experience."

StefanLocal Store Marketing Manager - Domino's

"The software enables us to provide our franchisees the possibility to develop local marketing activities and campaigns, while the HQ is able to control the quality of the designs that are being used locally without costing to much time. In addition, the ordering and distribution process of materials for national campaigns is completely automated and offers a lot possibilities for personalization to franchisees."

VickyMarketing Specialist

"Marvia is the perfect tool to strengthen your branding. They offer a much bigger choice in terms of solutions for print assets. The number of options and solutions offered by Marvia to create high-quality content that stand out from the competition is much higher than what is currently on the market."

CarlijnCommunication Advisor

"Marvia gives us the opportunity to create visuals, flyers and posters without hiring a visual designer. The software is easy to use - even for less digitally skilled colleagues.."

MarlèneMarketing Specialist - Plameco

Easy to use for employees or franchise partners, the use of templates creates unified marketing messages across all franchise partners.”

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Ease of Use


Bynder: 9.0

Quality of Support


Bynder: 9.1

Ease of Setup


Bynder: 8.1

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Bynder: 8.5

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