Master brand control while empowering franchise creativity

Imagine your franchise expanding seamlessly, with every location delivering localized, on-brand content effortlessly driving growth and engagement across all locations. 

  Empowered Franchisees
  Reduced Workload
  More Marketing Deployed

These franchises are boosting their marketing impact with Marvia

Empowering franchise growth

Our approach simplifies franchise marketing by centralizing brand control and enabling franchisees to tailor and launch local content, lightening the central team's load and boosting franchisee-driven engagement and growth.

Dynamic templates

Easy on-brand content creation

Empower your franchisees to create on-brand content in minutes, ensuring all materials align with your brand identity, regardless of who creates them. 

  • Teams report a 50% reduction in content creation time
  • Eliminate inconsistent branding and isolated workflows
  • Achieve expert-level outcomes, even for those lacking any background in tech or design.
template with customization options
360˚ Content distribution

Effortless online & offline distribution

Enable easy distribution of branded content across all channels, ensuring timely and targeted audience reach.

  • No more fragmented distribution and experience a surge in franchisee-generated content across all channels.
  • Our users achieve over a 57% increase in marketing output
  • Includes a step-by-step process enabling franchisees to share content seamlessly.
Distribution Content Marvia
Creative Requests

Keep up with the influx of requests

Centralize all franchisee requests to ensure nothing falls through the cracks and simplify collaboration from start to finish:

  • Central teams report significant time savings in handling requests from franchisees
  • Eliminate the chaos of juggling all the requests from your franchisees
  • Adapt to your needs with flexible customization options, ensuring it fits your existing processes.
creative workflow

Other features you'll love

Marvia DNA
Automates content creation with custom data for impactful, on-brand delivery—eliminates bottlenecks and errors instantly.
Digital Asset Management
Say goodbye to lost files and scattered brand materials. Centralize your assets boosting efficiency and consistency.
Marketing Calendar
Gets rid of long email threads or static PDFs and keeps everyone working with your brand in sync.
Consolidates your preferred suppliers' shops into one, offering a convenient one-stop shopping experience.
Analytics & Reporting
Delivers insights on portal use and campaign success to enhance engagement and marketing tactics.
Template Studio
Turns your designs into dynamic, editable templates in minutes, allowing your users to easily create on-brand content.

How you can quickly streamline franchise marketing operations

Request a tailored demo
Book a free demo tailored to your needs. Our brief sessions deliver insights quickly, respecting your time. 
Get onboarded quickly
Our onboarding specialist will ensure a smooth setup and provide essential admin training for effective platform use.
Launch & optimize
Start to create, manage, and distribute content, with our customer success team ready to maximize your experience. 

"All you need for localized marketing in one platform"

StefanLocal Store Marketing Manager - Domino's Pizza
Marvia enables us to provide our franchisees the possibility to develop local marketing activities and campaigns, while the HQ can control the quality of the designs that are being used locally without costing too much time. In addition, the ordering and distribution process of materials for national campaigns is completely automated and offers a lot possibilities for personalization to franchisees.”
RosalindaMarketing & Communication Advisor

Using Marvia not only saves us a lot of time, but we also know for sure that the communications are fully in line with our brand identity. Very important, especially in a franchise organization! Marvia is easy to use: our franchisees can easily and quickly find all the information they need to get started with their local marketing. Furthermore, Marvia is always developing, so the platform always remains up to date.

AliceBrand Coordinator - KidStrong
The Marvia support team excels in their dedication. They consistently work hard to ensure positive experiences for both our company and our franchisees. Marvia is continually improving its product, and I've seen impactful updates and features that enhance the user experience.
WalimeJohnny's Burgers
"All restaurants are now provided with the right Johnny's Burger marketing materials. We have a much better on-brand visibility on all channels: in-store, offline, and online. Marvia's solutions offer a scalable marketing tool to support Johnny's Burger in national growth." 
UlrikeHead of Marketing - New York Pizza
We are incredibly happy to now be able to allow our franchise partners to receive customized marketing materials in a simple way with this toolbox. In addition, the toolbox not only facilitates our work in marketing through dynamic adaptations and automations but also helps our partners, such as our creative agency, to deliver faster and with greater quality assurance. We are sure that this will enable us to further advance our marketing and sales goals 
NienkeMarketing Manager - fit20
"Marvia offers us consistent communication, with a clear corporate identity, on a global level. Thanks to the Dynamic Templates, franchisees around the world have direct access to the latest marketing creative and can make it relevant locally."
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