A tailormade environment

Create distinctive tenders

Easily create an offer in your own corporate identity with a unique and professional look. With Marvia’s bid book generator, you can make tender documents in no time.

What is a bid book?

Governments, but also more and more non-governmental organisations, write a tender to look for a suitable party that can deliver a particular service or product. The bid is awarded based on various factors such as price, quality and delivery time. The tenderer will be awarded the contract on the tender that best meets the requirements. In a bid book, the offer made by the party is described in detail, and the cooperation conditions are further elaborated. 

Easily preparing tender documents

Making a tender is often a time-consuming process: you want to distinguish yourself as an organisation but leave a professional impression at the same time. With our bid book generator, you can quickly create an appealing quotation or tender. Create a new document in your corporate style that is automatically provided with a table of contents and page numbering. Add relevant case information, infographics and up-to-date footage from your DAM system. Of course, the templates can easily be managed and updated from the admin account.

Take a look at our Facilicom or BAM customer case to learn even more about creating tenders