A tailormade environment

Marketing Material Portal

Order your marketing and PR materials in your own online shop that is fully integrated with the rest of your Marvia environment such as the template manager. Experience the convenience of using a single marketing portal.

Create, order and pay in the online store

After designing the marketing material concerned, it can be added to the shopping basket. If necessary, an approval flow can be added so that a budget holder or marketing manager can review the material before it is ordered. In addition to unique marcom materials, standard PR materials such as pens and notepads can also be added to the order. Once the order is complete, it can be paid immediately, and the costs can be settled with the allocated budget.

Online marketing portal: the benefits

By using a single marketing portal, users experience convenience and save time. The portal can be reached online 24/7 so employees can order when it suits them best. The shop also provides insight into when the ordered products are delivered and how much budget is left after the order. The portal offers the company not only grip on the quality of the content, but also on the marketing costs.

Due to the modular construction of Marvia, the webshop module works seamlessly with other modules such as the template manager and direct mail merger. This ensures that the ordered materials always meet the requirements and that the supplier can process the order correctly.