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Digital Asset Management

Access your digital brand files anywhere and anytime through one central portal. With Marvia’s DAM module you can easily manage and use your digital content files, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

DAM, what is it?

Literally, DAM is managing your 'digital assets'. By digital assets, we mean all digital files that have value for the organisation. This could include logos, videos, images and fonts, but also house style templates and Office documents. With a DAM system, you not only store these files centrally, but you can also easily manage, edit and share them. Files can be shared with internal users such as the Marketing, IT and Sales departments, but also with external parties such as designers. By assigning rights, you prevent users from seeing the wrong information and the content remains neatly organised.

The benefits of a digital asset bank

A DAM system is an indispensable marketing tool. It ensures that all your company files are always up-to-date. This prevents duplicate or incorrect versions which ensure that users always work with the right files. By using right structures within the digital asset bank, the improper use of your assets is prevented: only the proper persons are authorised to view or modify the file. Finding the correct document will take less time, so productivity also increases by using a Digital Asset Management system.

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