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Digital Brand Identity Guide

Communicate your brand identity consistently for a stronger brand image. Thanks to Marvia’s Brand Identity Guide module you always have access to the brand identity guidelines so that you can work on a better brand experience anywhere.

What is a brand identity style guide?

A brand identity style guide provides rules and guidelines for the correct application of your house style. For example, the document contains instructions for the use of typography, logos and colours. The guide ensures that your brand identity is consistently communicated at all times. After all, consistency is crucial for a strong brand experience.

Digital Brand Identity Guidelines: the benefits

No company can do without an excellent corporate identity manual because it forms the fundament of all marketing communications. With Marvia's Brand Identity Guide module you have a digital handbook where you can always find the most up-to-date information about your brand. The user-friendly module ensures that users can get started with your brand from one central location. This prevents the wrong font from being used on your flyers or an old logo on your direct mailing. The web-based solution ensures that corporate identity guidelines can be consulted anywhere in the world.

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