11 October 2019

Stayokay: from Word-Art to colorful templates


Stayokay: from Word-Art to colorful templates 


The customer

For 90 years, local and international guests have been checking in at Stayokay for new adventures and experiences. With approximately 1 million overnight stays per year, Stayokay is the largest provider of budget accommodation in the Netherlands. They also work together with Hostelling International; a network of more than 4,000 hostels worldwide. The chain consists of 22 hostels throughout the Netherlands that all want to communicate information to their guests. We asked Frank Bouwman, marketing consultant at Stayokay, why they chose Marvia and what the reason was for the necessity of the product within the organization.


The situation

As mentioned, Stayokay has 22 hostels throughout the Netherlands that all want to be able to make their own statements for multiple everyday situations. This can vary from a standard upsell, new menus and the necessary flyer on the elevator that is out of order.

"Before we used the Template Manager, the hostels themselves made posters. They mainly did this in Word with the well-known Word Art."

Frank admits. Of course this did not fit within the branding and the desired look of Stayokay. In some cases the hostels still had the posters designed, but this process was often very slow and also costly. Stayokay wanted to change this and ended up with Marvia. The ability to use templates and in this way to be able to make expressions uniformly, quickly and within the corporate identity turned out to match the wishes of Stayokay.


The solution

According to Frank, the Template Manager mainly ensured that self-made A4 sheets were no longer hung at the branches.

"All means of communication, often posters, are now all in the Stayokay corporate identity. In addition to the fact that this is more beautiful and clearer, it also gives the professional look that we were looking for. "

The consistent representation of the Stayokay brand was the wish and the templates proved to be the solution. Moreover, the hostels could now switch faster now that they are no longer dependent on a designer. Since all locations have their own login details, there is suddenly the possibility of being able to create a poster within fifteen minutes, and then be able to print or have it printed at a local printer.




"We are very satisfied with the tool and are now even looking at what further steps we can take. Currently, we only use 2 tools Marvia offers but we would like to extend this to a general Brand Portal. In this way, we can facilitate our hostels even further and continue to work on the recognisability of the Stayokay brand in our hostels and beyond. This would be a nice next step that we would like to take together with Marvia."

Frank Bouwman, marketing consultant at Stayokay




  11 October 2019       By Joep Donders

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