14 April 2018

Marketing Automation Software in food

Marvia gives Domino’s Pizza a better local presence.

Domino’s Pizza is the world largest pizza delivery and takeaway company and can also call itself market leader on the Dutch market with over 200 stores. Their ambition is to expand their national network to at least 350 branches. The company regularly uses regional direct marketing and wants to help its franchises to use it as efficiently as possible.

Client request

The franchisees of Domino’s Pizza all work with their own budget for door-to-door advertising and direct marketing (DM). In the existing situation, franchisers are spending a lot of time on sending and creating DM-mailings, which results in low participation. The company presented the following wishes:

  • Portal where all matters related to marketing can easily be drawn up and ordered within the house style guidelines;
  • Possibility for the franchise to decide for himself if he participates in a campaign, via which channels and to what extent;
  • Insight into the budgets and costs of the funds deployed by the franchise;
  • A scalable solution that is viable internationally. ­

How Marvia helps

Thanks to Marvia’s Marketing Automation software, one central marketing portal was created where all the Domino branches in the Netherlands and Belgium can make and publish their marketing communications. The platform ensures franchisees to spend less time on marketing, the printer gets all files in the right format and the mailings connect better with the target group. If a customer receives a pizza late this week, he will receive a DM with a nice offer at the end of the week.

Domino’s is very satisfied with the provided solution. Two years ago, the Marketing Automation platform was rolled out and 15 stores participated. This number has now grown to 120 and international expansion of the concept is being examined.  

“Marvia offers us a more efficient way of working: the stores spend less time, the printer gets all files directly in the right format and the data is more accurate.”

Robin Blickman, Head of Corporate Stores Domino’s Pizza

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  14 April 2018       By Sander Krever

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