9 November 2015

Brand Management Software in the toys industry

BERG creates International Brochure With Marvia

BERG has extended experience in developing, producing and selling active outdoor play fun. What started in a barn on the farm has now become an international company. BERG go-karts are sold in more than 56 countries on all continents. In addition, BERG is also a supplier of quality trampolines.

Client request

BERG works through an international network of dealers. In order to put a spotlight on their products, a brochure with the latest products is released periodically. The creation of these brochures in which dealer data (including NAW, logo and opening hours) are included was a time-consuming and error-prone process. To simplify this process, BERG came up with the following wishes:

  • Layout module where dealers and sellers of the BERG products can easily create their own brochures. Naturally within the corporate identity style of BERG. It must be possible to make a final check on the content by the marketers of BERG at HQ.
  • An image bank in which all product photos and logos are stored in a well-organized database. These images must also be used and imported in the BERG templates.

How Marvia helps

We delivered a single environment in which dealers log in and can easily add their local data to the layout module. In addition, logos and photos can easily be shared or consulted in the DAM module. This safeguards the corporate identity but allows dealers to add local information to the brochure.

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  9 November 2015       By Sander Krever

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