4 October 2019 00:00

Marvia inspiration day

Last Wednesday we organized our first inspiration day with Marvia for partners, customers and a few new contacts!

During this inspiration day we invited two guest speakers who were none other than Job from Logtenstijn, Global Brand Manager from Kabrita (Ausnutria) and Jim Krokké, Senior Consultant Brand Management from VIM Group.

Both men have chosen a theme within the subject: "How do you guarantee the uniformity of your brand in a period of growth".

This subject has been chosen because increasingly the demand from the fast-growing market is asking: How can we guarantee our brand and use coherent content at a decentralized level?

Furthermore, the roadmap towards 2020 was presented from Marvia in which sneak previews of new features were shared. Look for our a summary here

Would you like it or are you interested in attending the next "Marvia Inspiration Day"?

Please contact ray@marvia.nl



  4 October 2019 00:00       By Ray de Jong