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multi-brand-icon Multi-Brand Support Distinct brands under one (admin) roof. 
protection-icon Permission Control access and enforce brand standards locally. 
link-icon Content Referencing Connect your brand identity to assets and templates.
trends-icon Reporting & Analytics Get rich insights to execute and improve your campaigns. 

Interactive Brand Manual

Communicate a clear brand identity and ensure that the use of your company's brand assets is in line with your brand identity. 

Boost your brand reputation and drive brand awareness. 

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"Since the introduction of our brand portal Kabritaworld, the regions can create their own marketing materials - within brand guidelines- in an efficient and qualitative manner."
Job Global Brand Manager - Kabrita

Digital Asset Management

Store, manage, convert and reuse brand assets. All digital assets can be manipulated into on-brand creative in various formats, including print or digital.

Improve efficiency and reduce the risk of incorrect assets being used.

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  • GDPR
  • Data Encryption


Data porting or deletion available for all users or individuals with automatic data expiration. 

Data Encryption

All Marvia servers within our virtual private cloud with network access control lists. 


Support for single sign-on (SSO) and user roles and permissions


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